Action Telephone

Action Telephone Exchange has been in the message management business for over two decades. We have grown steadily, putting an emphasis on quality in personalization and efficient customer service support. Using state of the art computer applications, we are well equipped to address very specific messaging and/or dispatching needs.

We have an extensive list of high-tech features available to our clients. Our 24 hour monitoring system records every incoming and outgoing conversation, and we are able to provide you with complete call logs including hold and ring times, all very helpful for follow-up with your clients. We also have Caller ID enabled, which allows us to verify phone numbers in a matter of seconds. Our equipment is very reliable, and backed up by our in house IT staff, and its flexibility allows us to accommodate the needs of any size account, from a small start-up to a major corporation.

Our Values


To afford our clients the capability of providing consistently efficient service to their customers, regardless of the time of day, without the financial and personnel drain inherent to staffing for twenty-four hour service.


We have the experience. With a low turnover rate and a detailed training program, the people who are answering the phones for you are among the best in the business. To improve on this, we keep up to date on the latest computer programs and equipment to continuously improve our ability to help you. With extensive records, logs and built in safeguards, we strive to eliminate mistakes and maximize our performance. That's quality.